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"5 STARS!" 

I couldn't believe it that Tom and his team made my carpet look like new! This, after my landlord's probably five years of neglect and lack of regular professional cleaning. Despite the fact that I vacuum just about every week, my carpet looked dull and worn down with what looked to be coffee stains freckled across the floor. A pro was in order -- renting a steam cleaner from the grocery store would not do.

The CleanShag guys came in, assessed the situation and took over from there. . .  they were done quickly and efficiently, and revealed to me a clean carpet that looked brand new. In addition to raking to reinvigorate the carpet threads, they removed all of the nasty stains and scotch-guarded for only a small amount more. I insisted that they remind my landlord that he do this every year. . .  at least if he wants to keep me as a tenant! I'd definitely hire the Clean Shag Carpet crew again and recommend them to others.

-Christopher S., Arlington, VA


After the kids moved out to go to college I knew it was a perfect time to deep clean the carpets! WIth no more books, shoes or clothes spewed all over the floor (or friends coming over, for that matter), I booked a time for Tom to come over to clean the high traffic stairs and the upstairs bedrooms.

I've had my carpets cleaned before, but Clean Shag's technique is different. The machines they use really deep clean the carpet and the suction is powered by an outside motor. As Tom was cleaning, he called me over so I could see the noticeable difference in the carpet's color from all the dirt lifted. In addition, he was also able to move all of the big furniture in the room to make sure he got every last square inch of carpet.

Once he left, it only took the carpet a few hours to dry and the carpet was back to looking brand new and fresh!

- Andrea O., Fairfax, VA


Tom saved our carpets!  Thank you Tom. 

We have a loving dog who had a few too many accidents on the carpet and It needed help!

Tom was on time, knew exactly what we needed, and was thorough.  He cleaned all the carpets, including the staircase, and a large rug in the livingroom (and even my car mats- thank you!!).  Tom left the house looking and smelling wonderfully for a very affordable price.  I was contemplating renting a steam cleaner and doing it myself- I could have never gotten the results that Tom did.  The carpets and rug look brand new, and for a very affordable price.

We will always call on CleanShag for all our carpet/rug needs without a doubt.

Willie P., Sterling, VA

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