Values, Goals and Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Stewardship

Values are important with any endeavor.  At Clean Shag carpet​ cleaning we share in our customers commitment to the environment.

And we believe in the importance of preserving our planet's resources through best practices and encourage others to do the same.    As a company that values and relies on only environmentally friendly cleaning agents, it makes good business sense.  And together we share where we live, work and play, it's the right thing to do.  


Clean Shag uses a Water Softener system to "soften" this precious resource before its used in the cleaning process.

This Soft water cleans better and requires less detergent to be effective.  It's efficient, allowing a better rinsing process producing brighter, softer carpets and clean, mineral free fibers.

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This environmentally friendly choice parallels popular non-green, hot water extraction formulas and delivers great results.



We use it for hot water extracting wool, synthetic, and washable upholstery.

It's easy being green when using only Citrus based cleaning agent for every carpet cleaning.

This formulation has earned the approval of major environmental organizations, and it works just as effectively as other non-green detergents.


The secret weapon of this Citrus product is the cleaning strength of a high pH in Citrus Solv and leaves the fresh natural orange scent behind... We steam rinse fibers simultaneously with a 2 pH All Fiber Rinse leaving bright, deeply cleaned fibers through out!!!


We use only products whose performance has been verified by independant laboratory testing to obtain a "Green" certification.